Benicia Chamber of Commerce

Steve McClure, Chairperson

TERM: January 2019 – Current

Appointed by  BCC Bd. Of Dir

Benicia Unified School District

Diane Ferrucci
TERM: November 2018 – Current
Appointed by BUSD Bd. Of Trustees

Benicia Industrial Park Association

Brian Tulloch

TERM: February 2010 – Current

Appointed by BIPA Bd. Of Trustees

Good Neighbor Steering Committee

Marilyn Bardet

TERM: February 2007 – Current

Appointed by GNSC

Community at Large

Trevor Macenski

TERM: March 2019 – Current

Community at Large

Courtney Schreiner Lee

TERM: March 2019 – Current

Benicia City Council

Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
TERM: December 2018 – Current
Appointed by City Council

24-hour Community Information Line:

(707) 745 -7534

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