Members serving on the CAP shall be selected jointly by the City of Benicia (City) and Valero in accordance with the requirements of the Good Neighbor Agreement, executed between the City and Valero on September 25, 2000. Members shall be current residents of the City or owners of businesses that are located within the City. The following organizations shall each be represented by one member:


  • Benicia Chamber of Commerce

  • Benicia Industrial Park Association

  • Benicia Unified School District

  • Benicia City Council

  • Good Neighbor Steering Committee


In addition, the community-at-large shall be represented by two members.


The members of the CAP shall serve for two-year staggered terms. After formation of the CAP, and selection of a chairperson in accordance with these By-Laws, the chairperson shall designate four members, including one member representing the community-at-large, to serve initial terms of two years. The remaining members shall serve initial terms of one year. Upon completion of the initial term, a member will not be precluded from being reappointed for an additional two-year term. Members may serve up to three full consecutive terms for a total of six years. Expiring terms end April 30.


The CAP shall select a chairperson by means of a majority vote. Elected officials serving as members of the CAP shall not be eligible to serve as chairperson. The chairperson shall hold the position for  one year and is eligible to serve a second term at the pleasure of the membership.,  Election of the CAP chairperson shall be held at the first meeting of each calendar year.


The chairperson shall also serve as spokesperson and media contact for the CAP.

Filling of Vacancies

In the event a member cannot complete a full term and must withdraw from membership in the CAP, a replacement shall be selected as follows: for a member representing an organization, the affected organization shall select a replacement; for a member-at-large, Valero and the City, in consultation with the CAP, shall select a replacement. The individual appointed shall fill only the remaining unexpired term of the member who has withdrawn.


Meeting Agendas

The chairperson, working directly with the Valero Refinery Manager or his/her appointee, shall send out an agenda for the meeting by regular or email. Agenda items may include matters requested by CAP members for inclusion at a prior CAP meeting, matters communicated to the chairperson during the interval between the prior meeting and the date of mailing of the agenda, or matters added at the beginning of the meeting at the discretion of the chairperson.


Conduct of the Meetings


The CAP schedules quarterly meetings and may hold an annual public meeting in a town hall format.  A quorum shall consist of four (4) members.


At the beginning of each meeting, the chairperson shall call for approval of the minutes of the previous meeting, and shall review the agenda items, including additions or deletions.


Meetings of the CAP shall be issue-oriented, and shall primarily focus on review of key programs that pertain to refinery operations, in accordance with the provisions of the Good Neighbor Agreement. The CAP shall make every effort to address matters that come before it by working to achieve a consensus. Matters that cannot be resolved by a consensus shall be determined by a majority vote.

Annual Report


In October of each year, commencing in 2001, the CAP shall prepare an Annual Report summarizing its key activities and accomplishments.  Copies of this report shall be provided to the City Council, represented organizations on the CAP, and the Benicia Public Library.

Amendments to the By-Laws


Amendments to these By-Laws shall be approved and incorporated upon the majority vote of all members.

24-hour Community Information Line:

(707) 745 -7534

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