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ESG COmpany Overview- Benicia CAP

View the Community Advisory Panel's Environmental, Social and Governance Overview.

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City of Benicia-Valero

Cooperation agreement 2020annual report

View the City of Benicia & Valero's annual Cooperation Agreement for 2020.

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2019 Valero

annual report

View Valero's annual report for 2019.

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Valero Stewardship and responsibility rePort

View the report from June 2020.

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Flare gas recovery compressor


Valero Benicia recently completed replacement of its Flare Gas Recovery Compressor. Check out the video of the new unit being lifted in by crane.


View the Cooperation Agreement Update from the July 14, 2020 CAP Meeting.

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COVID-19 Donations

View the COVID-19 Donations Presentation from the July 14, 2020 CAP Meeting.


Flaring Facts

View the Flaring Facts Presentation from the March 10, 2020 CAP Meeting.

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2019 CAP Annual Report

View the 2019 CAP Annual Report.

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Bay Area air quality management district presentations

View the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Presentation on Air Monitoring.

View the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Introductory Presentation

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*Updated*  community Presentation

View the updated community presentation.

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Valero Voluntary Protection Program

View the VPP Guidebook

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Valero Stewardship and sustainability rePort

View the report from August 2019.

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Valero Company OVerview

View the overview from the August 2019.

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Review of Climate related Risks and Opportunities

View the review from September 28, 2018.

Company Overview

Community Ambient Air Monitoring

View the community presentation from the June 11 CAP meeting.

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2018 Valero Annual Report

View Valero's annual report for the year 2018.


Valero Benicia Asphalt Plant

View the asphalt plant presentation from the March 12 CAP meeting.

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Benicia Valero RefinerY- A short History

View the Presentation from the Benicia Historical Museum

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Benicia emergency alert system

View the emergency alert presentation from the October 9 CAP meeting.

Benicia EOC


View the EOC Coordination presentation from the October 9 CAP meeting.

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